The Camrose Board of Trade – Camrose & District Chamber of Commerce History

We will speak in a positive, but yet forthright manner on business issues for positive, incremental change at the local, regional, provincial & federal levels. A key opportunity to build on and enhance the Camrose Chamber’s sphere of influence, profile and voice is to actively work in conjunction with the Alberta & Canadian Chambers of Commerce. Our strength & resources come from our members and are entrusted in the hands of those members that are chosen to lead and govern the Chamber. Organizations never stand still…they are growing & expanding in strength and influence OR shrinking and contracting. Strong leadership will build on a solid foundation of past success and growth. The Chamber will promote our community as a great place to visit, live, work, shop, play and invest. We have a bright economic future and a fantastic sense of community. Camrose boasts all of the amenities of a large, dynamic, cosmopolitan city, while retaining the hospitality and safety of a small town. The unique blend of an urban centre next to the relaxed country setting in Camrose County offers a quality of life second to none. We will focus our resources & efforts on strategies & programs that maximize the value created and return for the members of the      Camrose & District Chamber of Commerce while working toward our mission and goals.


Vision Statement:

The Camrose and District Chamber of Commerce is a voice committed to building a strong business community.

Mission Statement:

The Camrose and District Chamber of Commerce is a community focused organization responding to the evolving needs of businesses.

The Camrose Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1908 to promote and maintain a proud and prosperous business community in Camrose. The Camrose Chamber of Commerce is affiliated with the Alberta Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce as part of a global business association. These organizations are recognized throughout the world. While COVID saw a decrease in memberships the current number of 319 remains strong.

A volunteer operational Board together with an Executive Director and Administrative Assistant make up the local Chamber.  The Camrose Chamber of Commerce requires the active involvement of Board and members to carry out their events and activities. There are currently 8 Board Members on 12 committees. The Chamber puts on several yearly events and activities including: