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Dear Chamber Members and Partners,

We are truly grateful for your investment in our business community and support of our events. Your participation is key to keeping our business community and Chamber strong.

The Camrose & District Chamber of Commerce will continue to provide you with ongoing Federal, Provincial and Municipal information, opportunities and policy updates.

If you would like to have your Voice heard, please sign up to participate in the Alberta Perspectives Surveys.

We like to hear from you! Drop in for a coffee any time. If you’d like to showcase your business by hosting a Business Networking Breakfast or After-Hours Business Mixer, give us a call.



On behalf of our Board of Directors I would like to invite you to join your Camrose & District Business Associates through a membership in the Camrose & District Chamber of Commerce.

Since 1908, we have been serving the Camrose region and our continued effectiveness is dependent on the support of business community members such as yourself. Your participation as a member of our organization will add strength to our endeavors and we welcome your involvement.

The Camrose & District Chamber of Commerce is an association of progressive business and professional citizens engaged in the promotion of trade and commerce as well as being concerned with the improvement of the economic, civic and social welfare of the Camrose and District area. We work to unite business and professional individuals from all segments of the community to further the growth and prosperity of the region.

Membership in your Chamber is a great investment that can provide substantial savings to your business when you utilize the value-added programs that are available to members.

In addition to the above, we are a member of the Alberta and Canadian Chambers of Commerce. This provides us the opportunity to represent at various levels of government the central and unified voice of almost 350 business and professional members of the Chamber.

Dues are for the calendar year, pro-rated throughout, and are a tax-deductible business expense.

Should you have any questions or require more information, please contact me at the Chamber office at 672-4217 or email at exec@camrosechamber.ca

Aaron Morris, Executive Director

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2023 Business Excellence Awards Winners Announcement

The Camrose & District Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce the SHOP Local e-Commerce platform; CamroseMarket.ca

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