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We certainly have seen a lot of change in our province over this last year, from changes in agriculture, exporting, refugees, minimum wage, new business, layoffs and new taxes.  Through it all, it has been a pleasure to see our Camrose business community rally to help those in need as well as to help each other through these tough times.   As 2017 is upon us we are enjoying the buzz among the business community to make 2017 the year of change.


The Camrose & District Chamber of Commerce along with The Alberta Chambers of Commerce will continue to work closely with our government at all levels to provide a voice of the business community.  Our close working relationship with both the City of Camrose and Camrose County help us to have your voice heard in areas that you are concerned about and those that you rave about.


Our membership over the last year has been steady and even with the current economic times we are still seeing new businesses come into the community and invest in a membership with our chamber.


Our board continues to work very hard to be out in the community, identifying what our members’ successes and struggles have been and finding opportunities to celebrate or help them. In 2016 we struck a new Social Media committee, as well as new initiatives like the successful Cash Mobs.  We have also been working with One Less Trip to help to promote the value of and continue the growth of shopping local.


Although my term now comes to an end, I look forward too many more years as a devoted Chamber member for my businesses.  It has been such an honour to serve with you.  I take with me many lessons, wonderful stories and friendships that I will cherish always.

2017 will be the year of change and as this new board and executive take on their new roles I encourage you to be as welcoming and fun as you were with me.


A special thank you needs to go out to our talented office staff.  Always going above and beyond in their duties, whether it be day to day stuff or at our many events.  Things run so smoothly due to their dedication to the Chamber.  We would truly be lost without them and don’t thank them enough.


Going into this year I would like challenge you all, visit a new business, attend a seminar or workshop to learn something new, introduce yourself to someone at a Chamber function whom you have always wanted to meet, offer your expertise to someone in need.  Step out of your comfort zone and soar.  Alone we are strong but together we can conquer the world.


Tanya Fox

2016 President

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